Hope for Women

What are we doing to share hope with the world’s largest overlooked population?

Women and girls comprise half of the global population, yet still overwhelmingly carry the weight of violence, poverty, illiteracy, social upheaval, and health crises.

They are repeatedly kept out of decision making that impacts the safety and quality of their lives—many hidden behind socio-religious traditions; others forced into desperate circumstances by poverty—while left to battle loneliness and despair on their own.

Women carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. And while social reform efforts have made an undeniable difference for women worldwide, they are not enough to completely lift the burden. Only God’s love can bring true healing and lasting change for women and girls.

TWR’s Women of Hope seeks to bring hope in Jesus to women around the world and across generations. It offers community and empowerment to women trapped in spiritual oppression, as well as educational and gender inequality. This is accomplished through biblical radio discipleship programs that speak into the heart matters of disenfranchised women and girls, intercessory prayer, leadership development, and small group gatherings.

Today, the Women of Hope program is broadcast in over 70 languages, and the movement has resulted in a network of prayer intercessors in 125 countries!

It is no secret that the global treatment of women today gives a tarnished reflection of God’s tenderness and purpose for them. Imagine being told as a little girl that your hair would turn to snakes if a man saw even one strand escape from behind your veil. Or knowing that riding the train or bus alone meant a high probability of being sexually assaulted. Or needing written permission from your husband or closest male relative to travel abroad.

Such women feel helpless against systematic oppression when they are not empowered with the life-altering truth that they are created and cherished by an all-loving God. But TWR Women of Hope is changing that.

As they understand their calling, women share tremendous influence and become a catalyst for change. The reality is this: When you invest in the spiritual, emotional, and physical health of women, you invest in the wellbeing of entire families and communities.

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