Encouragement and Discipleship

Approximately 100 million Christians today suffer persecution for the sake of Christ. You can help share broadcasts that will sustain them in their darkest hours.

“Hello. Am I calling TWR? My name is Ibrahim.”

The voice on the end of the line was hesitant, but after he was assured by a local TWR staff member, he explained why he was calling.

He and a small group of friends were listening together to Talmatha, a 30-minute, Arabic radio program that gives house church pastors, lay leaders, and new believers a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Bible.

Discussing the gospel is forbidden in many Muslim countries, and meeting together for Bible teaching can put individuals in unthinkable risk. But radio programs like Tamaltha allow those like Ibrahim to study the Word in the safety of their own home. “Talmatha is so helpful for people like us who cannot go to church or who live far away from fellowship,” Ibrahim told us.

Radio programs like Talmatha and Discipleship on the Air—mentoring programs for house church leaders and new believers—are the only source of discipleship many have in regions of the world where owning a Bible or professing faith in Christ can cost you your life.

As children of God, we are given the biblical mandate to “Go and make disciples of all nations,” yet millions today lack the discipleship they need to grow in their faith.

Though more than 70 percent of Ukraine’s population profess Christianity, less than three percent have a personal relationship with Christ. It is common for Ukrainian Christians to incorporate religious mysticism into their faith, which has diverted many from foundational biblical truths.

Ukraine also lacks Christian leadership, and as a result, many young believers go without biblical mentoring. Instead, they rely heavily on religious traditions passed down through the generations. But with your help, we can continue to nurture young believers in the faith through radio Bible study.

“I have been listening to your programs for a long time. They encourage me and help me understand God’s Word more deeply. My brothers and sisters at the church, especially the older generation, listen to your programs regularly. I remember TWR from my childhood when the programs were breaking through the Iron Curtain. When I became a Christian in 1998, I went through persecution at home. I could not attend church very often, and your programs turned out to be a great support and encouragement for me.” – listener from Kiev

Radio is a widely-used medium in Ukraine, and is a God-given tool for strengthening the faith of Christians throughout the country. Programs like Man and Eternity provide discipleship to an estimated reach of more than 30 million Ukrainians. This broadcast helps young Christians understand their purpose and identity in Christ, and cultivates a solid faith foundation for its listeners by giving biblical examples for everyday circumstances.

The discussions range from marriage to finances, social issues to adolescence, and more—providing scriptural context for navigating daily challenges in a way that pleases God. These broadcasts are the spiritual bread that carry many through the hardship of life in Ukraine today.

When you invest in biblical discipleship, you invest in faith that flourishes. Your generosity today will help raise up godly leaders who will impact future generations.

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