TWR Refugee Bridge Partners with "Love Europe" ApP

Over 80 percent of refugees in Europe have smartphones…how do we touch their hearts from their touchscreens?

App option #1: “Love Europe”

(Currently available in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Malta and Greece)

TWR’s Refugee Bridge media ministry is now reaching out to refugees through the “Love Europe” smartphone app! This app provides a variety of tools for refugees to help them adjust to life in Europe, including a section that points them to useful locations for refugees in their city and a feature that connects them with local individuals who want to help. We are now managing the media section of the Love Europe app and providing TWR content on the app (New Country, New Home and Hope for Syria, with more series to come soon) to give hope to the many refugees who use this app every day.

App option #2: “Refugee Bridge”

(Available in all countries)

The “Refugee Bridge” app is also available for those interested only in media and contains our full range of eleven refugee audio programs. Currently we offer over 340 episodes in Arabic, Farsi and Dari. These programs have been selected for their use in addressing the trauma and other difficulties that refugees face in Europe, as well as speaking of the only true Hope—Jesus Christ. New episodes are added every week for many programs, so that refugees always have something new to look forward to on the app.

How can you be involved?

We want these apps to be tools for ministries and individuals who are reaching out to refugees. If this could be useful to you, please feel free to download the Love Europe iOS/Android app and the Refugee Bridge Android app. You can also contribute financially, by clicking on the “donate” button below. Please feel free to send us any questions and feedback at

Together, we can show Christ’s love to refugees, using the very smartphones that are in their pockets!