Refugees Find Friendship Through Radio

Refugees. Radio. A reason for hope.

You’ve probably heard about the plight of refugees around the world and are wondering how you can help.

The current forced displacement of 59.5 million people worldwide (UNHCR)—750,000 people arriving by sea into Europe in 2015 alone—is being called the biggest humanitarian refugee crisis since World War II. Three thousand people have already died this year trying to reach asylum in Europe across the Mediterranean Sea and many more on the way from dangerous areas such as Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea. Yet, for those of us who know our God as a missionary God, we know that there’s no such thing as a “crisis” to him.

Even in refugee camps, people can hear God's Word through radio.

50 years of friendship to the Middle East

For over 50 years, long before the refugee crisis became a trending topic of social concern, TWR has been speaking hope in the heart languages of the 380 million people in the Middle East and North Africa. Since the first Arabic broadcast to the Middle East in June 1961, TWR has been a beacon of hope to the Arabs, having gained insight into the culture, traditions and backgrounds of the ministry fields through relationships of trust.

How does TWR help refugees?

To meet the current needs in the Middle East, including those of refugees, TWR produces and distributes a wide variety of relevant, culture-specific content. For women who are oppressed and need wisdom in nurturing their families, we produce a program called Women of Hope to provide practical and spiritual guidance; for the large population of Syrian youth wrestling with uncertainty in the midst of political upheaval, we provide a peer-to-peer program called Youth in Mind to counsel them through psychological, mental, emotional and spiritual questions; for new believers, we offer Talmatha, a discipleship program aimed at helping them grow in their faith, even if they are isolated or don’t have access to a church.

These are just a small sampling of the types of programs TWR offers to Middle Eastern audiences. All of these programs are produced in the local regions and are broadcast in the heart languages of the people groups. For those displaced people who are forced to leave their homelands and local radio stations behind, they can access much of the same content via the app TWR Radio Arabic through their mobile phones. TWR also distributes content loaded onto solar-powered media players throughout refugee camps for those without mobile phones.

Be a friend to refugees!

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