Refugee bridge app brings hope to those on the move

What could be more comforting than hearing timely spiritual encouragement in your heart language when you’re a refugee on foreign soil? Finally, there’s an app for that! Using our core competencies in content development and distribution, TWR is springing into action to speak hope to both people being displaced within the Middle East as well as those coming from the Middle East to Europe with an app called Refugee Bridge.

Refugee Bridge is designed to meet the emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of displaced people by offering practical and biblical content in the Arabic language. All content is downloadable, making it easy for users to access programs on the go, even without Wi-Fi access. Working quickly to reach refugees during the window of time in which they are in their greatest moment of spiritual need, TWR has been able to re-purpose radio programs that were originally produced for refugees in Syria and Lebanon. Joining the family of TWR apps (TWR360 and TWR Arabic), Refugee Bridge contains Hope for Syria episodes and Women of Hope programs, all of which are hand-picked to be relevant and encouraging to refugees.

This is only the beginning for the Refugee Bridge app. As funding allows, the goal is to create and upload fresh, tailor-made programs for incoming refugees to Europe in a variety of languages (next up, Farsi), and even add a collection of videos. Addressing both spiritual and physical needs, content will provide biblical counsel on refugee-specific issues – such as displacement and loneliness – with the goal of speaking like a friend. App advertisement, distribution and follow-up are made possible by our national partners and the Christian refugee organizations interacting directly with refugees.

Since the first Arabic broadcast to the Middle East in June 1961, TWR has sought to provide a beacon of hope to Arab peoples, having gained insight into the culture, traditions and backgrounds of the ministry fields through relationships of trust. TWR is honored to have had the opportunity to speak hope in the heart languages of the 380 million people in the Middle East and North Africa for over 50 years.