Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I try to summarize my thoughts, though it is not easy to write everything, especially when I owe you, and thank even you for my life, may it be as incredible as possible. The fact is that your programs helped me save my life from suicide, which I had already decided to do. And those programs enlightened me about things I have never believed before.

I was arrested years ago, right at the Hungarian-Austrian border. Then I was taken here, to Germany. I do not want to write the reason why, since they have already found that what I was accused of was not true, and I do not want that you either to be at all prejudiced towards me. I suffered very much, being far away from my homeland and my parents, in the midst of strange people whose language is foreign to me. They threw me into a cell, without any light, and, of course, I was alone very much. I spent six months there. Everyone shouted at me, everyone wanted me condemned. I had no idea what to do.

During those painful times, I was given a tiny radio receiver. One night, I decided to make an end to my sufferings and rid myself of those people. It might have been 8:00 p.m. when I started searching for programs. Suddenly, I heard some Hungarian words being spoken. I tuned finely into the wavelength, and I found your message on the air. I almost jumped up for joy, sorrowful that the program soon ended. The next day, I waited for the time of the broadcast. The fact is that the whole next day I tried to find the program. I received it again at 8:30 p.m. I counted the hours like a child and waited for night time every day.

Thanks to God, my decision to commit suicide grew weaker and weaker as time passed. I have not dealt with God and Jesus for 2 years, as young people nowadays have quite another direction for their interest and are not keen to know such things like faith. I am absolutely sure that if I hadn’t happened to get to this particular cell, I could have never been enlightened in my mind. I have been listening to your programs with full attention, and these programs taught me so many things I would never have thought of before. I feel that Jesus gives me strength to endure the dreadful times in my life. No day has passed without listening to your programs. I have a Bible to read, I sing in the choir already, and I feel I am no longer the same as I used to be.

Did you know?

TWR has aired Christian radio programs in the Hungarian language since 1961, though production preparations could not be done openly. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, TWR’s Hungarian partner, MERA, was officially registered and it has operated as a public benefit foundation since 1998. Hungarian programs are broadcast by medium wave, and are also available on the internet.

The programs are aired on two FM stations in Budapest. MERA has a staff of 15.