Our story: Albania

Mariana, 75 years old from Tirana:

"I was 40 years old when I became blind. After this happened my husband left me, because he wanted a wife that could see. Raising my children was very difficult and I had to make many sacrifices. Today my children are all married and have immigrated to other countries. 

Even though I am on my own now, I never feel alone. I always have God and the radio programs with me. I stay almost the whole day at home in order to listen to your radio programs. Your TTB programs especially, have been a tremendous encouragement to me.

I accepted Jesus into my heart 15 years ago. Since then, your programs have helped me get to know Jesus better. My life alone is not easy, but I am thankful to the Lord for the church and the sisters that help me.

There are days when I have the opportunity to share the Gospel with other older ladies who do not know God. I share with them about the great love of Christ and the teachings I have heard from the radio. Truly, there is no greater joy than to share God's love with others.

Thank you so much for everything. The radio programs are a great help for me and a great friend.”


Did you know?

TWR Albania was founded in 2003. Today, they produce programs for women, teenagers, Roma, and young leaders. They have the largest prayer network in the country with 2500 prayer partners that receive their monthly prayer calendar. TWR-Albania airs 18 hours a week to reach the 7.3 million Albanian language speakers in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Greece.