TWR Europe Responds to Refugee Crisis

As hundreds of thousands of migrants from the Middle East and elsewhere stream into Europe, TWR is hastening to mobilize its media resources to address their needs. 

It’s been called the biggest humanitarian refugee crisis since World War II, with 3,000 people already having died this year trying to reach asylum in Europe across the Mediterranean Sea and many more on the way from dangerous areas such as Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea. TWR Europe plans to complement the work of refugee-relief ministries by providing them with gospel-based media content addressing the needs of the migrants in their own languages.

Syrian refugees at a train station in Budapest, Hungary (photo by Mstyslav Chernov/Creative Commons 4.0).

“We respond because of this need and the opportunity that we have in Europe to use media to speak hope into the lives of those coming to our countries,” said Dirk Mueller, international director of TWR Europe. “We traditionally reach unreached people groups by using radio, but now these people are coming to Europe or are already in Europe. This represents an open door, and the door is open now.”  

The huge amount of existing multilingual content from TWR360 and other TWR sources is being made available immediately for outreach to the migrants. The second phase of TWR Europe’s plans call for the recruitment of a script writer and a coordinator of refugee ministry to produce tailor-made programming addressing specific issues facing the migrants and introducing them to Jesus Christ.

And TWR Europe continues to reach out to the people still caught up in the war that is the origin of so much of the refugee emergency. Hope for Syria is a 15-minute weekly program that interacts with listeners living amid the violence and provides vital psychological, medical and spiritual guidance. To learn more about the program or to consider adding your support, go to this page: Hope for Syria.